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Chana Bilek

Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Mom, and Fellow Traveler on Life's Journey

Hi! I'm Chana.

I'm a Korean-American Orthodox Jewish adoptee. It's quite an identity to carry! I've done a lot of work figuring out who I am, and I hope to inspire and guide others along their path as well.

I've spoken with, for, and to a lot of different people. Adoptive parents and adoptees, biological parents and natural-born children. I've worked with non-Jews and Jews of all stripes - observant and estranged, Chabad and Reform, you name it.

One thing we all have in common - we're all searching.

Some of us are searching for our biological roots, our inherited identities, our historical selves. All of us are searching for something greater, for Someone greater.

I was born into poverty in Daegu, South Korea. Now I'm married to an Orthodox rabbi in Baltimore, Maryland, in the most prosperous nation in history.

Quite a journey.

I've been through the search. I'm still searching, really. But I know the path pretty well. Let's connect, and maybe I can help you find your way too.

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How can I help you?


Inspire your audiences.

Help them grow. 

Childhood Psychology

Be the person Hashem meant you to be!

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Get nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to keep you moving!


“Chana Bilek is one of the most interesting, warm and genuine individuals I've ever met.”

Batya R.

New Jersey

"Chana Bilek is vibrant, passionate, and confident . . . she has a unique and beautiful perspective on life"

Tova M.


"Chana lives life with meaning, purpose and consistent personal growth. She cares deeply for others and generously shares her wisdom with openness and clarity."



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