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Looking for personal help?

Living a frum life comes with a lot of responsibilities. You're supposed to daven, learn, and do mitzvos, but you also have to find time to work on yourself and develop self-esteem.

You have to find a shidduch, but also find a career path.

You have to give your children enough attention, but also cook dinner every night.

It's a lot!

And it can be confusing, challenging, and stressful, even though we know it is a meaningful life.

How to balance it all?

Chazal are fully supportive of getting outside counsel to help you find your way. Let's find a time to chat and see if my professional services can help you feel confident, clear, and grounded in your life.

Chana (12).jpg

Chana has had a major impact on my life.

Batya R., NJ

I can help you with:

  • Parenting

  • Running a Jewish home

  • Dating concerns

  • Shalom Bayis

  • Managing your emotions

  • Adoption issues (both for adoptive parents and adoptees)

Need help with these or other issues? Reach out today!​

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